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Two to four seconds. That's all the time you get to hook, engage, and attract a customer visiting a webpage on your site. Page speed optimization is a big deal. In today's digital era, the internet user does not have enough patience to wait until a page finishes loading.

You don't believe us? Almost half of the internet users actually claim and expect a page to load within two or a maximum of three seconds. And guess what happens after 3 seconds of waiting? Almost half of the visitors will leave the page.

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May Be Slowing Your Business Down!

Customer dissatisfaction that comes from slow page load speed is not only strictly limited to E-commerce. Travel sites, and all other businesses, also experience low sales conversion performance because of the slow load speeds.

If you are in luck, some of them will continue with purchasing but they will never return; other people would just leave their cart and go somewhere else. Do you realize how devastating this is for your business?

Unfortunately, bad news does not end right here. Page load speed also negatively affects SERP ranking, reduce the volume of website traffic, the site's bounce rate goes up, and ultimately decrease revenue.


Your Site Page Load Speed

Slow load page speed is not the only reason for the dissatisfaction of potential customers. The slow load speed is also affecting the rendering of vital elements of the page, which furthermore affect the entire user experience.

Now when you know what you can lose or gain, you may be thinking of where do I begin in improving website load time? We are the first place you should look - Our experts offer free page speed consulting services!


We Can Help Speed Up Your Page Loading Today!

You may not even realize that you have been losing thousands and thousands of dollars in potential income just because you overlook or do not want to see the importance of site loading speed.

Our Page Speed Services will increase your site's speed from 20 to 60 percent and speed score from slow to fast! In order to achieve this, we'll optimize all aspects of your site.

Contact us today if you have any questions about how we can help.


With Our Professional Page Speed Services

Although page speed optimization is not a magical stick that can make you wealth overnight, it can definitely improve your website's performance in many ways:

  • Websites' traffic significantly increase
  • More pageviews
  • Lower bounce rates
  • Longer dwell times

All of these lead to revenue increases. All these things are interconnected, bear that in mind before you try to ignore even the slightest underperformance of any aspect. Believe us, even a one-second difference in loading speed affects the website's performance and user's experience.

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